This page is dedicated to horse owners that are coping with horses affected with laminitis issues. 

You are welcome to submit your own stories on how to deal with this issue and or helpful articles. 

You might say this is like a "support" page for all of us that are on the "Laminitis Rollercoaster". 

If you would like your story or link posted here please use the Contact Us Page
Make sure to include your name with the story or article.

Please note that all submissions from everyone belong to the person who has offered the testimony or articles and not of Riverbend Hay. 

This page is a way to share information.

As always, it is important to follow your Equine Vet and Farrier's advice.

Submitted Articles

To:  Yvonne at Riverbend Hay
From:  Paige Poss

Thank you for linking to our laminitis page.
What is more important is that you are supporting owners of horses with lam horses.
As a hay grower/supplier that is huge!
Your customers are lucky to have you. Thanks, Paige Poss